Getting my feet wet

As I said, I’m a total blogging newbie.  So here it is, my first photo upload.

Those are the Atlas Mountains, as seen from the Ourika valley, outside of Marrakesh.

I am expecting a new camera, arriving from the States soon.  I can’t wait.

What would you like to see pictures of?


2 thoughts on “Getting my feet wet

  1. Nice photo of the Atlas mountain, when i come Inchaallah,i’ll be taking a lot of photos and some videos too, I’m planning to hike to Toubkal.I did hike in Immilchil region and Ouarzazate region,some beautiful landscape.
    By the way,are you from Florida?

  2. AADAMM,
    Thanks. I was actually born in Morocco. My parents are from California. I guess I need to fill in my profile on here.
    I look forward to seeing your photos from your hike up Toubkal.

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