A life…examined…sort of

When it’s a day like this…and I am looking at this…

…I ask myself, seriously, why don’t I live here?…  Oh, of course, there are lots of rational responses, they have to do with troublesome details like…commute time…our family’s vastly different schedules…my dependence on town luxuries, like electricity…(my intense fear of change)…

…but in my heart of hearts (the fearless one), I sit on the patio of this blessed stone house…

…watching the olive trees dance with the wind…and my children (they’ve turned back into wood dwelling elves and no one has seen them since)…

…and someone appears with this…and I look up and say…thank you…


9 thoughts on “A life…examined…sort of

    • Nasreen, thank you. Right now I’m just a little amazed that I’m able to see something more in the world than…the kids. They’ve been the main subject of my focus for so long. I feel like a woman who’s been working on an intricate needlework tapestry, for years, and I’ve only now looked up. The tapestry is my greatest treasure though.

  1. Jamila says:

    This is the Morocco with the blinders taken off. So many times people do just “pass through quickly” without seeing the lives of the people who live here. thank you for putting us more in touch. It is beautifully done. I can’t wait for more pictures…

  2. jenjen44 says:

    AWWWWWwww take me back there… I got married in Morocco 6 yrs ago and had our honeymoon there in Marrakesh. i married a berber from kchemiset. I live in Australia but was unable to bring him here to live so.. … He now lives in the STATES married to someone else now ….. Can’t tell you how I feel not having him here etc….

  3. Such interesting thoughts on charity in a country without a welfare state.
    How difficult it is to know who to help first and how sadly grateful the recipients are.
    I grew up in England which is reasonably good about health care etc.
    I now live in the US which is AWFUL. Fine if you are rich but really very little public compassion.
    I think it is good to try to help those we can.

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