Hello spring!

Sometimes, the sublime and the mundane live side by side.  Or one right above the other…

The Marrakesh sky has been resplendently cloudy.  It reminds me of bled rajli, my husband’s home in New Mexico. Clouds mean rain, and rain means life…

In this era of climate change, do April showers still bring May flowers?  That seems like such a quaint notion in this topsy turvy weather.  Is the weather wierdly unpredictable where you live?  Last week felt like winter, yesterday was springish, and today is hot as summer.  I’d better enjoy these while I can:

3 thoughts on “Hello spring!

  1. Gosh, the roof top scene could have been shot from derb djedid.
    Exactly as I remember it.
    Such pretty spring flowers. I’m green with envy.

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