Dear Son

Baby boy, you are 5 today.

When you were in my womb, I prayed for you in the dark of night.  I prayed that you would be a light in this world.

When you were born, I thanked God for an easy labor and a beautiful son.

When you were a baby, you loved music and animals.  You still do.

When you were a toddler, I called you my sunshine boy.  You were a little sun in our house.

When you were 3, you got a guitar.  You played it all the time.  You still do (I’m re-stringing it this morning, I promise).  You love to put on shows.

You are the best dancer in the family.  Your Michael Jackson routines are awesome.

You are a great cook.  You made muffins for us all by yourself (I only added baking powder).  You spend hours peeling vegetables for me.  You love to do stuff in the kitchen.

You have an easy and forgiving nature.  A good thing to have when you have a baby brother.

You always say that school was “awesome”.  You say that school is your favorite place.

Yesterday when you washed your own hair in the bath and you said “I tried putting my head back and it worked!”.  Son, I told you so.

You come to love people quickly.

You love kung fu and China.

Your heart is golden.  Always know that.

On this day, and on every day, I thank God for the gifts he has blessed you with.  All of what we have is merely by His grace.  May God protect you dear son.

Happy Birthday.