Waldorf school in the high Atlas

Are there people in your life that are amazing?  I’m thinking a lot these days about my friend Itto.  She is a German woman married to a Berber man, living a simple and beautiful life tucked away in a village in the Atlas mountains.  Her valley is a 5 hour drive from Marrakesh.  Let me tell you some of the reasons why she’s an amazing woman:

  • She lives 5 hours from “civilization” and has a deep contentment with her lifestyle.
  • She homeschools/unschools her 3 children.
  • She is always making something beautiful, she is after all, an interior designer by training.
  • She gave birth to her baby girl virtually unassisted at home, which, in case I didn’t mention it before, is 5 hours from the nearest big city and hospital!
  • Although German is her first language, she blogs in English and I forget that she isn’t a native speaker.
  • She has chosen Islam as her spiritual path and is able, via her writing, to convey the peace and serenity that she experiences in her path.
  • And now she has opened Morocco’s first Waldorf inspired school, yes, in her village in the Atlas mountains.

Her blog is called Itto’s Living Faith.  It always inspires and relaxes me.  I pray that God continues to bless her and her family with love, mercy and protection always.


6 thoughts on “Waldorf school in the high Atlas

  1. Jenn says:

    Well said. I also love her site. Reading her blog always inspires me…..just like yours. Thanks to both of you, keep up the great work on your blog. At least I can visit sites like this while I still dream of settling in Morocco while living in America….it keeps me connected.

    • Mari says:

      Absolutely inspirational! I didn’t realize home schooling was legal in Morocco.
      Public school system is so poor in California that I am already forced to “run a school” in the evening. I wonder if I can do it from Marrakech 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Bootman says:


    How might I get in touch with this lady. I am from California and I am living in Fez. There is a small group of expats here who are considering opening a school and I would like them to consider the Waldorf model. It would be very useful for me to speak to this lady if at all possible. 😊

    Thank you!

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