Update on the voting situation

The voting over at www.moroccoblogs.com has been delayed until January 7th to allow for a few last minute nominations.  Thank you for all your support already.  And sorry for the confusion.

This is why I love the medina of Marrakesh:

Marrakesh medina blog



8 thoughts on “Update on the voting situation

  1. Jamila says:

    Walk me through this voting thing. There is another site with a similar name so how would I vote for Moroccomama and not marocmama?

  2. Wael Yassine says:

    Congratulations on your nomination as one of the Best of Morocco Blogs. We just want to remind you that the voting will begin at midnight on the 7th of January at http://www.moroccoblogs.com. Please make sure that our listing for your site is correct and encourage all of your fans to vote for you! You can get the Nominated badge by downloading it from MoroccoBlogs. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/moroccoblogs and http://www.twitter.com/moroccoblogs

    • Elizabeth, it seems my blog was accidentally listed under food blogs! I wrote to Vago at Moroccoblogs and explained the problem. Hopefully it will be changed soon to the correct category. I’ll let everyone know when it’s REALLY time to vote. Whew! Thanks for you support. By the way Elizabeth, I got the year’s summary from wordpress and it was your blog http://thehouseinmarrakesh.blogspot.com that sent the most people my way! I can’t thank you enough for supporting me.

  3. Meriem says:

    So it looks like you’re double listed, once under food blogs (which I think you qualify for, somehow 🙂 as Morocco Mama and also under best overall Moroccan blogs as Life In Marrakech.
    I only noticed the CLC under best facebook pages by chance!

    • Yes, but really it’s Life in Marrakesh under Best Overall Blogs that is the best category. I wrote to the admin and he said it was ok to be double-listed. We were surprised about the Center for Language & Culture fb page too!

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