A week

This last week I was honored by a visit from Christina.  We had met in Amman where we were both attending the Danish-Arab women bloggers workshop.  Christina and I found that although we were from very different worlds, we both had similar curiosity about the world and each other which inspired many conversations.  Luckily, the wonderful Danish organizations that funded our workshop also funded the bloggers to spend a week in another city.  So Christina and I were able to continue our conversations, this time in Marrakesh.

Coming from sub-zero temperatures in Denmark, Christina appreciated many things in Marrakesh that I take for granted.  Birds singing in the morning, smells of lemon trees and the daily appearance of the sun.

We did a little site seeing too.  Made more interesting (in my opinion, and I think hers too) by the fact that we took between 1 and 3 of my kids with us wherever we went.  The children have a way of bringing a place to life and interacting with it in new and creative ways.

At Jardins Majorelle for example, the boys set up their playmobils in different places.  A few people spotted them and promptly took photos of them (the playmobils, not the boys).  It was like a happening.

jardin majorelle marrakesh blog
jardin majorelle marrakesh morocco blog

Group photo of the now famous playmobils:

marrakesh majorelle gardens

Group photo of Christina, Amin and Yousef:

marrakesh morocco majorelle jardinsThank you Christina for sharing this fun, chaotic, sunny week with us.   You can visit Christina’s blog here, she also blogged about her visit…in Danish.

PS: last day or so to vote for this blog over at www.moroccoblogs.com I also voted for Itto’s Living Faith under Best Culture Blog, and for The World is her Playground under Best Expat Blog.  Thank you for all your support.

Edited: Ok I guess the voting is closed.  Thanks for trying.


11 thoughts on “A week

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Busy fun week indeed 🙂
    Obviously you guys had a ball.

    U know what, it`s true we live in a diverse world, multi cultures and what have u, but in the end, we r simply the same – human beings 🙂
    We got more in common than not, I blv in that.

    *** going to vote NOW! 🙂

  2. Haitham, I totally agree. Sometimes we get caught up in judging each other based on our most prominent physical feature (e.g. skin color, hijab, male/female or what have you). If we can really take the time to SEE each other, then yes, we are all just souls wrapped up in these different bodies.

    Mayyasi, thanks, we did have a good time. BTW the conference in Copenhagen is delayed until May! I did not know until Christina informed me. I hope we can both make it and see each other again.

    Well, it looks like the voting is closed. Thanks for voting, or trying to vote, whatever the case may be.

  3. Abdurrahman says:

    I love how the kids made their own world there on the window sill. And who’s to say their world is any less real than the strange little oriental dream created by Monsieur Marjorelle and later bought by Saint Laurent? Maybe it’s actually a lot more real!

  4. It was relaxing just to read about it. I know what you mean about exploring with children in tow – it creates special challenges but also special opportunities. Thanks for sharing. Your photography makes me want to dive inside.

  5. I love your blog! I studied Middle Eastern history and the rise of Islam while I was in college and I am always trying break stereotypes where I can. Thank you for an amazing blog. 🙂

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