Essaouira, Morocco: a Sanity Break

Marrakesh is a bustling, energetic, beautiful city, no doubt.  I find I appreciate it most by escaping on a regular basis.  A mere 3 hours southeast lies a sweet little fishing village by the name of Essaouira.  It’s as charming as the guide books say, because in Essaouira you can:

  • Eat fish so fresh it basically jumped out of the ocean and onto the grill.
  • Walk fearlessly in the traffic-free zone of the old city and markets, so liberating when you have precious young ones with you.
  • Speaking of young ones, ours spent all day in the ocean.  They only came out for food or, with great reluctance, when the sun went down.  It’s a famous surf spot too.
  • Shop with very little hassle.  This means a lot to me coming from Marrakesh where the shopkeepers’ persistence is more of a deterrent than an invitation to buy.

The port at sunset (to take this picture I had to actually turn away from lifeguarding the kids as they frolicked in the waves.  They survived my momentary neglect):

The view from our hotel window.  Riad Mimouna.  At high tide it felt as if the whole place could just float away.  The sound of the ocean is purifyingly primordial.

morocco blog essaouira beach view

One little sunburned monkey smiling with all his might:

essaouria morocco blog

Most of the remaining photos are organized under the theme of, wait for it, arches.  I came up with that.

essaouira morocco blog

Outside the hotel.  The bicycle made this snapshot worth taking, for some reason.

essaouira morocco blog

The hotel courtyard…

morocco travel blog

The cart used to transport luggage through the narrow street.  This one is especially festive.  I love when attention to detail is put into the simplest things, like this:

morocco travel blog

The hotel courtyard again..

morocco travel blog

Essaouira “roofscape”:

morocco travel blog

This next photo is a nod to the cliche photos of the Famous Blue Doors of Essaouira.  What you don’t see is the hoard of tourists behind me taking the exact same shot.  Pondering these doors got me to thinking of Leonard Coehn’s moody song from the ’70’s Famous Blue Raincoat.  The mind wanders.

morocco travel blog


10 thoughts on “Essaouira, Morocco: a Sanity Break

  1. Nisrine says:

    Essaouira is just a beautiful city .
    Nice shots Nora, you are a professional now mashallah .
    SuSu’s picture is my fav tbarkallah alih
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I never tire of Essouira –we have been going there for twelve years now and I loved your photos.
    We also go to Moulay Boukerktoun 25kn north.
    A teeny tiny village. Have you been there?

  3. Heard a lot about Essaouira with the desire to visit aithout the time yet.
    But the photos speak by themselves, a sens of tranquility and peace attached to each of them.

  4. SO beautiful. Makes me want to return to Morocco IMMEDIATELY and visit this tranquil and beautiful area.

    Especially on this grey west coast Canadian day. Spring is slow to come to us this year….

  5. sumayya says:

    Salaamat Nunu,

    Merci for the photos my love!
    I am so itching for a visit (home) again, your du’a please for a possible July trip.

  6. Nosheen Mirza says:

    Masha’Allah, beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go back to Morocco even more 🙂 I hope that time comes soon insha’Allah!

  7. Delaney Glass says:

    mashallah!!!! I love this place. one of my favorites… the first place I thought about Islam, where Allah revealed himself to me 😀

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