96 political prisoners released in Morocco, including our brother Abad Maelainin

All praise to the Merciful and Compassionate, and peace and blessings on our beloved prophet Muhammad.

Today is a day of joy!  My sister’s brother in-law has been released from prison after serving 3 years as a political detainee.  He had been sentenced to 20 years, then 10 years after appealing.  Words can’t describe the immense waves of joy that are washing over his family and loved ones.

Here is a photo take from Hespress.com (Moroccan online news site).  Abad is holding his son on the left and my little nephew on the right.  His son is 9 years old, and hasn’t seen his father out of prison since he was 6.  I think they are all pretty stunned.  They are at a press conference immediately following Abad’s release.

Morocco political prisoner free

I thank God the Merciful.  I thank the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen who are risking their lives so that things change on a deep level, so that no more people will be imprisoned for political reasons.  I thank the people of Morocco who protested peacefully to bring about change.  I thank the King of Morocco for initiating the constitutional reform that lead to the freeing of these detainees.  I thank the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) which recommended the pardons to the king.

I had written about Abad’s case a little on this blog a year ago (when he had undertaken an 18 day hunger strike, here and here), but then stopped doing so because there was no good news to report.  How about this for a happy ending?!

It’s wonderful and momentous to feel the winds of change blowing through this land.


16 thoughts on “96 political prisoners released in Morocco, including our brother Abad Maelainin

  1. Zeitoune M-P says:

    Praise God! I am really happy for you and everyone involved. This is great news-made my day! I really enjoy this blog! Good work 🙂


  2. Raja says:

    MABROUUK!! EL HAMDULIALLAH. akheeeran!!! I am soo happy for his family more specifically his wife and kids. May Allah fill their life with joy and wave away all kinds of hardship and all those memories and feelings they had when he was away. Allahumma laka Al 7amd.

  3. Catherine says:

    That is truly good news, Norah. Your sister’s brother-in-law and his family must be so relieved and joyful, liberated in both senses. May all prisoners held unjustly throughout the world know such liberation.

  4. Farah says:

    Alhamdulillah! What great news! All Praise to the Most Merciful! It’s painful and beautiful at the same time to see all these changes happening throughout the region. It’s all those brave souls like your brother in law who take the risks and put their life and families’ well being on the line to speak out for justice who deserve our respect and admiration. Morrocco is so lucky to have such a reasonable and sensible King, Alhamdulillah. It makes me so happy to know that your family are experiencing this time of blessing, release, and joy after such hardship. Subhanallah! There is nothing quite like it.

  5. Yes, good news indeed. I think it is horribly sad when countries have political prisoners.
    It means that people don’t like the government and the government is frightened of its own people.
    So good that your king is willing to listen to the people……….
    after all, to my mind at least, the monarch’s job is to serve the best interests of his/her country and its people.

  6. MarocMama says:

    Mashallah! I am so happy to hear some good news. I hope this is the first in a real change and not just a temporary “fix” by the government!

  7. Meriem says:

    Al Hamdu Lillah, this is indeed an unprecedented turn of events. For these people who were unjustly accused by the government and oppressed for over three years to be given a hero’s welcome, their release broadcast LIVE on state TV… That’s the change we’d been waiting for.
    However, there are still many many innocent souls behind bars to this day, including people we’ve come to know over the last three years. May Allah grant freedom to all.

  8. Melanie Boast says:

    What joyful news Nora – such relief for his family and your family, I wish you the most loving celebration of his release. It is a big and brave decision to go on hunger strike. I hope that the things he was protesting about have been changed as well? Or will he need to continue? The world seems to be changing fast – hopefully for the better for the ‘ordinary’ people in all countries. We all need to stand up for what we believe in, in whatever way we can manage. Mel x

  9. Salaam Nora,
    I pray that you, your family, loved ones, neighbors, and friends, are all safe in light of the explosion in Marrakesh. Peace.

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