Karima’s Eid cookies

A couple of weeks ago my daughter Karima spent the night at one of her best friends’ house.  Apparently, all hands were put to work making intricate Moroccan cookies for an upcoming wedding.  You know how other people sometimes bring out something special in your kids that you have yet to witness?  Well it was like that.  On Eid Karima repeated the feat for our own family.  We did not have a recipe so we had to wing it based on nothing but our extensive experience tasting Moroccan cookies.  The dough is some combination of flour, oil, butter, water, a little powdered sugar.  What the proportions are beats me, but we came up with something edible.  The filling is basically peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar.  Since we do not have peanut butter in Morocco, we are talking about making it from scratch.

We watched her in wonder as she assembled these little gems…it’s magical the way they take shape, from nothing much to a thing of beauty.