Get well soon, Moroccan style

My dear husband is not feeling so good…nothing better than the old school remedies to help him get well.  Real honey (including actual bee parts), pomegranate (the world’s strongest anti-oxidant), some garlic lightly fried in olive oil and a cup of green tea (no sugar of course).  And the prayer for healing, Lla ba’s, tahoor inshallah.  May this illness not be harmful, but purifying, God willing.


9 thoughts on “Get well soon, Moroccan style

  1. Husbands respond well to lots of attention (as when they are well too!!)
    Your other remedies sound splendid! throw in some hot chicken soup
    a nice cup of tea with lemon and honey and all should be well in a jiffy.
    I wish I liked the taste of Pomegrates better!


  2. Andrea van Linschoten says:

    I love this post! I love the idea of this breakfast and of the beautiful thought gone in to it,and I love the photo. Really this post has made my day 🙂

  3. theflyingpenwriter says:

    Good ideas to remember, thanks. All natural is definitely the best. Sick men need much attention and love.
    Take care

  4. I didn’t know that pomegranates have the most antioxidants! I gave one in a gift basket to my MIL, and she didn’t know what to make of it. I’ll bet it is still sitting on her kitchen counter. I better tell her that she’s letting good antioxidants go to waste!

    • Hil, most people don’t know what to make of pomegranates. Gotta learn to chew all those seeds up, then it’s ok. But seriously, the antioxidants are amazingly high, so it’s worth it. We also juice them.

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