Step-by-step photo recipe: Moroccan fry bread (msemen/rghaif)

A fun little tutorial on how to make Moroccan fry bread (msemen or rghaif in darija).  These are eaten for breakfast or as a special afternoon snack.  Cafes often have a woman making them on an outdoor griddle.  They are heavy on the oil but so good when eaten hot of the griddle, downed with a glass of tea.  Interesting how so many cultures have some sort of fried bread, in New Mexico we eat sopapillas drizzled with honey and Navajo fry bread tacos, while our Pakistani friends have shared spicy Puri with us.  I guess fried comfort food is a universal concept then.

Click on the first image to view as a slideshow.


9 thoughts on “Step-by-step photo recipe: Moroccan fry bread (msemen/rghaif)

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I have lived here long enough that I should be making msmen by now and the veggie stuffed ones are the best! Please, What is the initial flour/semolina blend mixed with to holdit together? Water?

  2. tom says:

    i am trying to find the recipe for stuffed spleen (rate) that i once had at a stall in the djmaa el fna a few years ago. i think it was stuffed with spiced rice and pine nuts, but to be honest i can’t remember very well, only that it was good. are you familiar with this dish, do you know how to make it?
    all the best, tom

    • You could try Christine Benlafqih’s website She never fails to have just what I’m looking for. I’ve had what you’re describing, as far as I know it’s stuffed with onions and ground beef and many, many spices. Morocco’s not really a rice and pine nut kind of country.

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