And in non-Amal center related news



We moved house 2 months ago, and I just have to say, alhamdulillah, the view from our roof is amazing.  Every day I go up there to check on the mountains.  Yesterday this is what they looked like after a fresh snow.



And for a few moments before it set the sun lit up the snowy peaks with the most striking rose color.DSC_0245


And here is our family according to Yousef.  Karima’s crutches!  Funny that he is surrounded by these boxy concrete houses and yet he draws ours with a slanted roof.  Why is that so universal.  DSC_0242

Amal center today



The Amal Center has the only wood picket fence in town.  Found a sweet deal on grass too, getting that put in on Tuesday inshallah.





The mural in the kids’s room is a labor of love produced by our talented volunteers.  Work in progress here.DSC_0250