Hello, marhaba, assalamu alaykum and greetings of peace!

Some things about me:

1-My name is Nora.

2-I was born in Sale, Morocco.

3-But my parents are from California.

4-I grew up in Marrakesh (a city in Morocco).

5-I went to bilingual schools growing up (Arabic/French).

6-Then I went to the University of New Mexico.  I got degrees in Math and Spanish.

7-I met my sweetheart when we were 17 and 18, respectively.

8-We married 3 years later.

9-We have 3 children.  Thank you God.

10-We’d love to live on a farm.

11-Favorite projects with the kids include: wrestling, reading, cooking, and doing complicated projects involving beads.

12-Ok, introducing myself has always been exhausting, so I’ll stop now.

My interests:  beautiful things, being still, being healthy, being of service, creating a beautiful home, learning how to teach English, creating community, listening to my kids, seeing fully.


40 thoughts on “About

  1. salam alaikoum nora,
    mashaallah!! what a great coincidence!!! maktub, subhanallah,
    yes I am “that itto” wow, I love seing your place here and am happy to get in contact with you through our blogs now.
    may you and your little family be blessed.
    see/read you soon, inchaallah.
    greetings from the atlas mountains xxx

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Masya’allah…I love it too. If Allah wills, I would love to come to Morocco too. Its a beautiful place! Looking forward to reading more about the life in Marrakesh:)

  3. Wow! So happy to have found your blog. our second home is in Marrakech (my husband’s hometown) while we live primarily in the US. We are considering moving back to Marrakech sometime soon. Good to find another American living there successfully!

  4. This is such a beautiful and interesting blog. Thankyou for writing it! I’m saving it as a favorite right now! Love and light from Pennsylvania, USA.

  5. Fauz says:

    Peace be unto you Nora,

    Reading your blog is inspirational. I like the fact that your blog is simple, yet the writings and photos are very “detail”. Reading the story of Nezha made me count my blessing, every minute, every hour, everyday. I enjoy reading your posting on Moroccon Culture 101-it put smile on my face. I look forward to visiting your blog when I get the chance. Thank you for making your writing public:)


  6. Reading your blog is inspirational. I like the fact that your blog is simple, yet the writings and photos are very “detail”. Reading the story of Nezha made me count my blessing, every minute, every hour, everyday. I enjoy reading your posting on Moroccon Culture 101-it put smile on my face. I look forward to visiting your blog when I get the chance. Thank you for making your writing public:)

  7. Hi Nora,

    I couldn’t find any contact information so I decided to leave a comment here.

    I’m Andrew Dunkle and I currently serve as the senior editor of GoOverseas.com. We are contacting you with regard to your blog, which the editorial staff at GO! Overseas has selected as one of the top travel related blogs in Morocco. As recognition of your outstanding writing skills we are delighted to include your blog in a select list of websites representing Morocco. We select only the most exceptional blogs that meet our exacting standards and we hope you feel a sense of pride that you have been recognized for your efforts. You may view this list on our website here:


    You are welcome to display one of the image badges we have created specifically for blogs we feature in Morocco. This is an easy way to let your readers know that you have been recognized as an outstanding blogger. You may contact us to receive a badge via email.

    Thank you for all the high quality content you have contributed to the global online community. We look forward to continuing to follow your experiences abroad in Morocco. If you have questions about GO! Overseas please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Warm regards,
    Andrew Dunkle

    Andrew Dunkle
    Senior Editor

  8. Monica says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now. I found it searching about Morocco’s culture and life.
    We live in Sonoma, CA. My husband is French and I’m originally from Argentina.
    We’ll be visiting Morocco in two weeks and I was wondering if there was any advice you had for us to get the most out of out trip. We’re so excited about the trip.
    Thank you in advance and for all the great stories about your life there.
    PD: my email address is: wouinet+ma@gmail.com

  9. assalamu alaykum,

    I, too, found your blog through Itto’s blog. I love it! And just found that you got a degree in Spanish. Entonces quiero invitarte a que visites mi blog y me des sugerencias puesto que veo tu has tenido mucho exito con tu blog. En el mio yo estoy traduciendo informacion acerca del Islam al Espanol, principalmente para mi familia y para todo aquien que este interesado. Ok, I hope i’m not overwhelming you. InshAllah will be visiting often.

  10. slama alaikoum nora, I hope you are well and got my mail concerning ‘Id, inchaallah. looking forward to have your news and meet you again.

  11. Hello Nora,

    It’s wonderful to see someone feel comfortable at home in Marrakech.
    I live in London with my partner and daughter (2 yrs old). We are making a holiday home in Marrakech and are coming more often.

    It would be lovely to meet up, as I have alot of things I am not used to, and I still am slightly afraid to go out on my own with my daughter.
    If you have time , would be great to meet up for tea, I would love to get tips of how to live in Morocco comfortably.
    I will be in Marrakech 21 Jan -30 Jan, please let me know, or email me!
    Thanks 🙂


  12. dear nora, salam alaikoum, just to let you know that I didn’t got your mail and do not know if you got my second one two days ago…seems to have a mail problem…
    you can delete this comment after having read it…
    love and salaams xxx

  13. Salams my dear,

    OK, sorry about my rather impassioned comment to your wonderful post about Sa’eedah! But it was with your big-hearted reportage skills in mind that I’ve chosen you for a Liebster award – check out my last post and you’ll see what it’s about…you have such an eye for the expansive in the ordinary, beauty amid the wreckage. I celebrate you! Much love xxx

  14. Wondering around & searching for blogs about Morocco, came across yours, loved your blog, specially the food photography, they all seem so delicious, keep up the good work
    I’m planning a trip (fingers crossed) for my 10th wedding anniversary, hopefully will make it there, it’s a small world …

    A question, if I may, in your opinion what are Morocco’s 10 must see places?


  15. Nora, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. I absolutely love it! I shared it with my husband who is my Moroccan connection. Turns out, he went to school with you in junior high! Small world! He has always mentioned an American girl who he went to school with and how he knew he would end up marrying one – nice to know that you just being in Marrakech, somehow translated into me finding a wonderful husband. 🙂

  16. Salam Nora 🙂 I Love your blog! And i love it when you share all the small bits of life especially your ‘Baraka’ article. I know what you mean.. those realisations are hard to come by and when they do.. subhanAllah..

    I visited Morocco the very first time in October last year. MasyaAllah, your country is beautiful. I didn’t get to go to much places. I saw a bit of Agadir and was mostly in Taroudant. But it was enough to sate my thirst for the moment. I fell in love with the pictures of Morocco more than 8 years ago 🙂 insyaAllah, i will come visit again soon.

    Thank you for sharing and keep on writing yeah 🙂

    Baraka Allahu Feeki.

    من سنغافورة

  17. I have nominated you for ‘The beautiful blogger award’. If you’re willing to play the game,check out the rules on my blog. If not, don’t feel any compulsion to follow through.
    Take care! 🙂

  18. Alena says:

    My husband, son and I just moved to Morocco yesterday! I am Asian-American born and raised in Utah, moved to NYC for school and then to Connecticut after I got married. So nice to know of other Americans in Marrakech!

    • Welcome welcome! There’s actually a women’s club for American and English speaking women here called AIWAM, check them out of facebook. One of their goals is to welcome new English speakers to Marrakech. I hope you enjoy Marrakesh as much as I have.

  19. Assalamu 3ailaykum sister,
    I salute you, you make a good job portraying an element of life which increasingly in my opinion is fading out in Muslim communities at the heart of the Islamic world where i stay in in the Arabian Peninsula. This prompted me to search on life in Morocco out of curiosity knowing that genuine spiritual legacy is found there, and luckily in your blog the element of fitra (which more modernized cities infested with artifice of the highest and biggest of all things seem to corrupt fitra, subtly and slowly or maybe at a faster rate) resurfaced…. i got addicted to reading some of the entries this is the first time i seriously consider replying to a blogger and setting up an account to follow up,,, keep the good stuff coming,,, and Salaams to your family and particularly your father, his books and the author he worked on is surely a good material for reading to reinforce a mental/spiritual fortress (learned it from you) in a super-materialistic secularist age…Allah ybarik feekom jamee3an,,,

  20. Your blog is Amazing ! Once I entered it I found myself reading every single article of yours ! You present Moroccan and Muslim culture in a very beautiful way

    Thank you 🙂

  21. Really interested to read about your non-profit – sounds like a great project. We have a small business in Essaouira (www.dar91.com) and have just opened what we think might be the first charity shop in Morocco (unless anyone knows otherwise!), for our charity Project 91 – you can read more at http://www.p-91.com. Let us know if there’s any way we can be of help to you…and let’s stay in touch. Jeremy

  22. A says:

    Assalamu alaykum,
    I hope this finds you well in sha Allah. I just stumbled across your (lovely, ma sha Allah) blog in a search for information on living in Marrakech. I wonder if you (or anyone else reading this, for that matter) know anything about an Arabic school in Marrakech called Markaz Al-Bayinah located in Mhamid. Thank you!
    May Allah bless and give you success in your wonderful project!

  23. shelley quinn says:

    Hi Nora, I will be traveling to Morocco to film a documentary series next year, and would love to discuss with you. Do you have an email I can message you on? Thanks kindly, shelley

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