Moroccan men, and the American women who marry them

If you are an American or British woman who is (or was) married to a Moroccan man, would you mind answering some questions?  I’m interested in this phenomenon and would like to blog about it.  This should be good!

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12 thoughts on “Moroccan men, and the American women who marry them

  1. Maria McQeen says:

    I am an american women who has been married twice .. the first time to an American and that was !!! .. you can tell the rest of the story .. I am now married to a Moroccan who is a berber for 12 years with 3 kids … I feel like a queen every day . he accepted my child from my first marriage like his own . He calls him Dad … It has been the best 12 years of my 40 years of life .
    he is my sweet King

  2. Sue says:

    My Moroccan husband broke my heart and was the worst kind of cheater and liar. I have a beautiful little girl with him and she was only one year old before I found out quite by accident that he was cheating. I have dated other Moroccan men and I can tell you their thought processes are not the same. Most of his married friends cheat and think they can lie their way out of it. I cannot believe how stupid I was to fall for his tall, dark charm. He thought was a clueless idiot and as I am a teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree I would be smarter. We spent two months in Morocco before our daughter was born and had a wonderful time. Of course, I am a lot happier now that I am rid of a liar and a person who did not care for my feelings at all. By the way, I live in Florida and many Moroccans here are told that when they get here all they have to do is find an older woman or a fat woman and charm her into thinking he is in love with her and all they have to do is stick it out for three years just to get the Holy Grail…the GREEN CARD! Don’t fall for it ladies!!!!!! BEWARE with a capital B! Trust me! Been there ….done that!

    • Glenda says:

      Sue, I would love to speak with you. I am married to a very kind Moroccan man still trying to get him here. We are 5 years in our relationship and married 3. I read all these sites and wonder is he for real or bust another liar!

  3. Imessedup says:

    I met a Moroccan online, omg he was a charmer. He complemented me and made me feel special and beautiful. Long story short, I flew over to meet him and on my 3rd trip there we were married and he came to the USA a year later. We had agreed to have children when he got here since I was in my late 30’s and he was 4 years younger. Well when he got here he changed his mind on kids with me. He does not have nothing to do with me, he hardly speaks to me, he no longer compliments me. We go 6 months at a time no sex. He alienates me when I have friends around so I no longer have friends cause none of my friends like him, I would buy him gifts he would sell them or give them away to his friends in Morocco, once he made me take an outfit off and give to his sister because she wanted it, I have caught him stealing clothing out of my luggage while visiting Morocco to give away my clothing to his friends wives, He pretends his English is bad and twists stuff around like he didn’t say he said something I know he did say, He has damaged my home with holes in the wall and taken it upon himself to do repairs on stuff without my permission and stuff I ask him not to do he will not listen. I have asked him not to put wet dishes in the cabinet, well he refuses to listen and now my wood is busted in all my cabinets, he takes my car like he owns it and does not do no upkeep nor no repairs on it (now it is ready for the junk yard) and he expects me to keep gas in the car for him (everytime I get in the car he has it on E, he knows when I drive I usually keep the car full of gas but not no more, now I only put like $3-$5 like he does), He went 3 years over here laying on his butt and wouldn’t work (my brother had to make him go to work with him, I even got him applications and filled them out for him but he would never turn them in. My dad said he didn’t think he wanted to work. I would work and come home and he would think when I come home we were to go on vacation etc while he been sitting at home on the internet the whole time I been at work. House would be a mess) He says I am stupid and crazy, he is verbally abusive, he is rough sexually when we do have sex ( I have not stopped bleeding for a month now), for a long while he only wanted anal sex (more pain), I try to talk to him about our problems and he talks over me to tune me out. I feel so bad and so low and so ugly and so alone and so useless I hate myself, I sit and cry. He may only say a 15 sentences to me in 24 hours. My son plays soccer and instead of sitting with me to watch the game he goes and tries to be the coach and I feel like the coaches get pissed off with him trying to take control over the team when it is not his place, I am having to take my son out of soccer for a while so to distant him from him getting too involved or in the way. I will put my son back in later when I can sneak him to and from the games and practice without husband/ex-husband knowing. My 2 children from my first marriage which ended in a car wreck, well my kids hate him. He gets his citizenship tomorrow so I guess my purpose has been served. I have even found my husband with video of me drinking and of me walking around house nude, then I searched his bags and found my children’s deceased father’s family’s address and phone number: why? I guessed so if I tried to leave him before he got his citizenship he would use this as blackmail cause what would he need their information for? My children’s father’s family live across the country and never see their grandkids, they never call etc (they may send a card from time to time) so what was his motive for hiding their addresses and phones numbers and having videos footage of me hidden in a bookbag unless to try to make it look like I am a drunk and try to humiliate me with nude video of me walking from my bathroom to the closet to get dressed as blackmail? I don’t trust him. I just hate I wasted the last of my years on him when I could of found someone who would love me and could of had another child with. Oh but he can still have kids. Now I am trying to find out how to get a divorce. I want my happiness back and hopefully I can still find someone to love in time enough to have another child before it is too late if it is not already. I am 42. I can’t stop crying. He is so handsome but he is so hateful. But he sure turned the charm up and played it for 3 years online till he got here.

    • Hi there, thank you for taking the time to share your story. This blog has not been active for a while, but I hope that you are in a much better place in your life and that you got rid of that toxic creep. Sending you love and strength and healing.

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