…but couscous is a worthy contender

In my post about Sha’ria, or Seffa, the noodle dish, maybe it seems like I’m dissing couscous.  Far be it from me to disparage our weekly Friday meal.  So I shall pay due homage.

Couscous has three components.

One, some meat in a pot…

Two, veggies, arranged by cooking time…

Three, couscous, which a wee elf might come and give you a wee hand with…

Here is the couscous trio:  meat in the pressure cooker, veggies in the bottom of the steamer, and couscous happily steaming on top.  But wait!  Crisis in the kitchen!  The flame that cooks this lovely meal is waning.  To the hanut, to procure a new energy source…

Fortuitously, this precious cargo is being delivered as I approach.  We will cook another day my friends, crisis solved.

Not to be outdone by the blue truck, the red truck delivers its own bottles of chemical wonder.  Shall we pass? Yes, I believe we shall.

Back with the gas bottle.  The couscous is steamed and fluffed several times.  For more technical advice,  go here http://moroccanfood.about.com/od/maindishes/r/couscous_veg.htm

A hasty snapshot:  couscous as fluffy as the clouds on high, resiliently fluffy under the weight of the caveman’s stew piled atop it.  Remember, although recipes for Moroccan food vary, the one constant remains this: eating with loved ones, giving thanks for another hot meal and another gathering with beloveds.


8 thoughts on “…but couscous is a worthy contender

  1. lauramack says:

    Yummy! We had couscous last night. My son asked, “So WHERE do they eat this stuff”? as he curiously sampled a forkful.

    I made a couscous salad w/ beans, peppers, cucumbers and mint. Delish.

  2. Lovely! When I was doing my time in Morocco (LOL!) Couscous was almost always on the menu for Friday. My former mil honored me by teaching me many of her most treasured kitchen secrets and this was one.

  3. Alright one question we should all be asking: when are all us readers going to eat this yummy dish? (shame on me, I didn’t make couscous last friday).

    Oh and by the way, how come the gas ALWAYS ends when you’re in the middle of the whole cooking process? I’ve never experienced having it end at the end of a cooking session nor in the very beginning…

  4. Laura, I bet your couscous salad was good, and so much quicker to make than Moroccan couscous. I like to alternate between these fussy traditional dishes, and quick healthy salads n stuff.

    Umm, so you are a seasoned veteran of the Moroccan kitchen. Hats off to ya, and lucky you had a mil to show you the real deal.

    Nadia, judging from the looks of the food on your blog, it’s you who should be feeding us! You’ve got skills. I’ve noticed the same thing about the buta, Murphy’s law I guess, lol.

  5. Hi!
    Ancuta Istrate is my name. `Istrate` it`s a name derivated form the old greek language and it means `spoon` and `Ancuta` is a romanian name derivated from `Ana` ( Anna in english). Thank you for reading my blog! I read every post on your blog too, the photos and the tips about food are very good.

  6. salam nora, that looks yummy! I like the variety of your veggies. I hope one day we can have friday couscous together inchaallah!

  7. Ancuta, Thanks for reading my blog. I wish my Romanian were better (than zero) so I could read yours more often.

    Itto, salam my dear, I hope that day comes soon, insha Allah.

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