You know you live in Morocco when…

…you preface every business or casual meeting by listing all the possible ways you are related to the person you’re meeting with.

…this text message makes total sense to you “ba9i 3andi shi7aja”.   And forget about google translating it.

…you get in the right-hand lane to turn left.  It’s a wide turn.

…you don’t see flies as disease-carrying yucky germy varmints, rather as moderately annoying household companions, like puppies or toddlers.

…bread + x = a meal    {exceptions: couscous}

courant d’air (cross-breeze) is your biggest mortal enemy.  Window open + door open = pneumonia + imminent death.

…you buy your car kleenex from the guys at the red light.

…when someone hints at having a “coffee”, you’re not sure if they’re referring to an actual cup of java or to a bribe.  Awkward.

…you finally realize that there’s never a bad time to tip.  The guy who pumps your gas, the lady who mops the public bathrooms, the boy who delivers a gas bottle to your home.  When in doubt, err on the side of tipping.

…you alternate between feeling really sorry and awful for the street beggars and  feeling invaded and used by them.

…you have a room in your home called a salon, it’s your nicest room and it’s for guests only.

…you learn cursive in kindergarten.  During the French half of the day.  And Arabic alphabet during the other half.


16 thoughts on “You know you live in Morocco when…

  1. Moroccan says:

    You are also a Moroccan when … you call traffic lights == > “red light” (like if it there weren’t orange and green lights on it !)
    Anyway stills a nice post dude 🙂

  2. abdelkarim says:

    Well put ( and the list can still hold more) but hopefully this is not what you would call “The Moroccan Exceptionalism ” and which can be prefaced by the common parlance ” Only In Morocco”

  3. Sara says:

    Bismillah. You capture so many of the essentials, plus a few that just make me laugh all alone at my computer. Definitely your blogs should become the ultimate guide book to Maroc, (In your spare time., HaHa).

  4. Hilarious!!! I don’t live in Morocco but I just returned from 10 days there and I know what some of these are referring to. I wish I had found your blog before I went. I may have questions about some of the thing I saw and hope that maybe I can ask you a few if they arise. Great blog!

  5. Marie says:

    This is an interesting look into Moroccan culture. Does Morocco differ much from other countries around the area as far as culture goes? Or will some of the things on your list still happen in nearby countries?

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