Day of Sorrow

Thank you to all those who wrote to ask if we are ok.  Physically, yes, we don’t live anywhere near Cafe Argana on Jema el Fna.  But I am so stunned by the events that happened today.  First we heard reports that a Buta gas bottle had exploded in the Cafe.   Such a horrible thought.  But even more horrible is the reality that emerged as the day went on.   Not a gas bottle but a criminal act; an official death toll of 15.  We heard from a friend who happened to be in Jema el Fna at the time of the explosion.  He was one of the first to rush in and help evacuate the stunned victims.  He spoke of the French mother who had lost her 10 year old daughter.  Heartbreaking.

Moroccans today are outraged at this act.  Callers on the local radio channel Radio Plus that covered the event all day were all adamant in condemning this crime.  Their message is clear, one voice saying, this is NOT from our ways, our religion, or any religion.  All are calling for justice.

For those in Marrakesh who want to help, there is an urgent need for blood donations, especially O- at the Hopital ibn Tofail.  There are as many as 20 critically injured victims being cared for there.

L’hôpital de Marrakech A Besoin de Votre sang , spécialement O- (universel)
Centre de Transfusion Sanguine Marrakech Menara
Adresse: Hôpital Ibn Toufial Hôpital
Marrakech .
Téléphone fixe : 0524 43 89 48
Faire circuler ce Message SVP

I pray for those souls that departed today, may God’s mercy and gentleness envelop them.  For all those who lost beloveds, I cannot fathom your pain, my heart is aching for you on this day of sorrow.


11 thoughts on “Day of Sorrow

  1. This is so very sad.
    I have so many happy memories of time spent enjoying the square –where I went every single day we lived in Marrakesh.
    I send so much love to all my Moroccan friends. So awful that a very few evil people can destroy the happiness of so many.
    Hugs and blessings from New York.

  2. My heart is with you. My husband researches Human Security from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and we speak often of issues of terrorism. Every act is horrible.

  3. No doubt, it is the saddest day of my life. I would like to share something I wrote today on my way to work.

    Bad Dream

    Last night I had a dream
    The minarets are crumbling
    The Menara water is drying
    The square is shaking
    The tears are flooding the narrow streets
    My heart is beating,
    My tears are falling, falling, but from far away
    The 405 seems ever quieter
    NPR announcer keeps babbling
    English seems to be foreign
    My tears are still falling
    For you Marrakech,
    For you my love,
    When is the nightmare going to stop?
    When do I wake up?
    My dream told me you are going to be fine
    Happiness will come back again
    The story tellers will tell the tale
    For you Marrakech, for you my Love!

  4. MarocMama says:

    So happy you are safe but agree with the shock. When I woke up my husband to tell him what happened he stared at me and blinked several times. Then he shook his head and said “In Marrakech? Really? What idiots would do such a thing?” Such a shame, I hope that those who were involved are brought to justice swiftly and transparently.

  5. Anna says:

    Hello Nora! I am a student from Bowdoin College doing a study abroad program in Rabat focused on Multiculturalism and Human Rights. Would it be possible to meet you in Marrakesh on Tuesday? I find your blog fascinating, and as I am doing a research project on the families of political prisoners, I think you would be an ideal subject to interview. Please let me know if you are interested and willing. My number here in Morocco is +0674778044, and my email is Thank you! Anna

  6. Melanie says:

    Hi Nora, I’m so glad you and your family are OK and really sorry to hear of your sadness. I agree it is very shocking and sad, and my sympathy is with the people of Marrakesh. I was on the tube on the day the London bombs went off and it was very scary. We all carried on using the tube each day afterwards and gradually it does fade. I pray that Morocco will continue to thrive and prosper in the world as it should, Love Mel xx

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